New Kat Wallpaper

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  1. Eidolon

    Yup, if the other display works fine, then it likely is the monitor or something between it and the computer. Is the cable on the wonky monitor removable? If so, make sure it’s seated well at both the computer and the monitor. If it was, try another cable before you replace the monitor.


  2. omegamd

    I agree with Eidolon on this, could be a bad seating with the cable connected to the video card or…I hate to say things like this, or the age of the monitor could be another factor but I am not sure how long you had it.

    Also on another note,, when I went to the Shifters Reward Store and clicked on the download link for the Alice wallpaper, it kicked me back to the front page of the current comic. Just wanted to let you know.


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    I will check the cables. and the monitor is getting on a bit. I think its about 5-6 years old now. About the Rewards store, I got a new binary (I’m beta testing it) and was alerted to this issue yesterday. I’ve reported it, and it appears we’ve discovered a bug here. A fix should be coming soon. I’ll let everyone know when the issue is resolved.


  3. Stelth Panther

    The easiest way to verify this is to just plug another monitor into that same port. If it replicates then there are greater issues. Since there aren’t any symptoms showing up on the other monitors then I would say that it is just going bad and needs a replacement.


  4. Silverwolf

    Is this what Alice sees after she’s had catnip?


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