Valentines Day Special

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  1. ExPaladin

    Hehe! These are great. 🙂


    Che Reply:

    I’m glad you like them!


  2. Bonu$

    The nice big ears on Kat made me laugh, but I like them all 😀
    Hope you’re going to Miami, otherwise you might run into snow. lol
    (Don’t forget a jacket if you aren’t)
    Us Lower Mainlandians have got off pretty much scot-free this year (comparatively) 🙂


  3. Shiftergirl

    Absolutely amazing! I just started reading this comic 20 minutes ago and could not for the life of me, put my iPad down. I’m loving the storyline and the artwork/colors are truly amazing. I’m speechless really. I must say, I am glad Che, that you were able to get a new computer. If I had found this sooner, I would have donated in a heartbeat! Keep up this amazingly,awesome, fantastic… Okay I shall shut my blabbering female trap I call a mouth. Hehe! Truly great and I look forward to the next pages!


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