Shifters Redux Promo

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  1. Deru

    Yay, new website :3


  2. Ver

    I like the new design, nice and simple, although I miss the darkness of the old version a little 😉

    Also, I hope I’m not out of line with this, but I’d forgotten just how -hot- Ferrah looks in the promo. Just wow.


  3. griffin

    how can it be 2007 when its 2009 lol


  4. Stu

    WOOT! New site does that mean it’s coming back!?!?!? Yes PlZ!


  5. DDthor

    is it coming back i read this like a year ago


  6. Cylaeus

    THANK GOD, I loved this comic, when it died I was sorta pissed. Get on this redux man, I’m rooting for you!



    I loved the old version and a redux will be awesome. If the promo is anything to go on, a printed book will be on my wish list.

    AUSSIDINGO Out!!!!


  8. Bloodwolf

    can’t wait to read this…


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