Shifters Infodump

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  1. deepbluerenegade

    Yea info dump!

    Sometimes it is hard to work that information in a story.


  2. RTH

    What circle? None of my business I guess…
    Good work in creating these info sheets, its hard to make them, thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into these comics and stuff for us to read for free! Keep up the awesome work! Doesn’t really matter if a computer is spoilt, or sickness, etc . I’m sure there are fans who will be there waiting.
    Love your art! And Che’s too!
    (Hums) I’ll be watiittttiinnggggg…


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    The circle is explained here. Basically, a bunch of dedicated fans that help me out. There are 12-13 seats in the circle, and if people drop out there’s usually a contest every year to fill the empties. The people in the circle, for their help and time, get some extra perks and goodies.

    Thanks for your compliments! We do want to get back to the comic proper, but we’ll keep at least doing something until we get this tech mess sorted out.


  3. TheMastery

    Info dump, WOOT!


  4. neutral9999

    ok its tells us what shifters are but what are dragons if there not shifters themselves how does the dragon consul have ruling over shifters then?


    Drakanor Dream Reply:

    Dragons are the emissaries of the truer deities. At least that was before the Redux


  5. scott pike

    giving them their powers the inherited.
    I think you meant
    giving them their inherited powers.


  6. Nitpicker.

    Excellerated should be accelerated


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