Shifters Infodump Part 2

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  1. neutral9999

    still doesn’t explain dragons but it defiantly was helpful to the story, hmmm john sterling defiantly an antagonist


  2. Arkine6

    So… I felt like pointing out something in the last sentence of the third to last paragraph here..

    “Scores” Though it feels like a word that carries a lot of weight, especially in this kind of context, actually only means 20.
    I could be wrong, but you might want to try and find a different numerically descriptive word to use here.

    ‘Cause somebody like me, I got there and I was like:
    “*snicker* Big massive war between species, 40 to maybe 80 people died, we don’t know.”
    Which was needed comic relief, but not what you were going for.


  3. deepbluerenegade

    The info dumps are still interesting, but I am really excited for the story to continue.


  4. james hoppy

    Glad to see that you are giving Info on the comic.


  5. anonyus

    we dont realy know how option 2 will look
    (i have seen raw lineart that was [for me] equal enough to the finished version, so that i would prefere 4raws over 3coloured,
    and some where i stopped reading for 2-3 month so that the end-version could be updated).
    It seems the preferable option, but it would be nice to have a new pol in a couple of weeks, or to have a couple of old raws.


  6. anonyus

    sry forgot it

    !THANKs! for all the work you put into this, nice story


  7. dracone

    These data files are pretty cool. So, what’s next? Hybrids? Veil aware humans?


  8. sharpshot4321

    I like the info dumps, and would not mind line art comics either. Either of these would be great, or you could do a mix of both. Hopefully so Che isn’t too overwhelmed whenever she gets a new computer.


  9. xLizardx

    Personally, I’m enjoying the infodump; I always enjoy backstory if it’s sufficiently intriguing. 🙂 Aside from that, I’d go for the monochrome option for the time-being – yes, it would be nice to have colour, but hey, the shiny stuff can always be added later, at your artist’s pace. The first few pages of the redux are in black and white anyway – and I still got hooked on the comic. In fact, the last time I re-read it from the beginning, I was actually surprised to realise that it wasn’t full-colour throughout. I’d painted it in in my memory [admittedly my memory sucks, but even so, it goes to show that black and white works just as well with a little imagination] 🙂

    So… yeah. More infodump? And then more comic in b/w please? With maybe, like if you have a massive effect like another Kinsmir spirit-wake, the odd photo-shopped bit, but yeah… the story is most important. Thanks for providing such awesome entertainment. 😀


  10. Eboreg

    It occurs to me that Ferrah isn’t going to be so cocky anymore when her body rejects that implanted watch. Still, interesting way to handle the weakness to silver.


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