Shifters Benefit   Ferrah And Pookie

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  1. deepbluerenegade

    Poor Ferrah, and her Corgi’s TMI.


  2. neutral9999

    their are so many ways you can mess with people by telling your dog to do something funny


  3. Mysti

    Oh pookie, you cutie face, you.


  4. Jae

    I approve of Pookie being a corgi. So cute ^__^


  5. CalvinSashigami

    Still a damn good page,color or no. :3


  6. Silverwolf

    Ferrah: “A Nigerian prince did not urinate here, and I am not giving out any of my personal information!”
    Pookie: “Arf! Arf!”
    Ferrah: “What would I need with discount Viagra?!”


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