Shifter Xmas 2012

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  1. the all powerful nick!

    i hope you have a very merry holiday *piece sign*


  2. dalewarrior

    cue the kids with choclate 😀


    Drakanor Dream Reply:

    So very Yes 😀 I remember that one XD


  3. neutral9999

    now whats your new years resolution is the question? 🙂


  4. Bonu$

    P.S. I forgot to put in the paypal note that I love the comic. Next time you go to a con here in Vancouver I’m going to try my darndest to try to come meet you.
    Alex (Bonu$)


    Che Reply:

    Well if you are interested, Our first con of the year is VancouFur! It’s the local furry con, and will be our second year, and I am hosting a panel on how I work in SAI! So I’ll be sharing my tricks in how I color :3 We would totally love to see you! 😀


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