Shifter Benefits 1

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  1. Voice

    All – Benefit – None of the characters need Halloween costumes. xD


  2. deepbluerenegade

    So cute!

    I am stumped on shifter side benefits though. I am sure an idea might come randomly, just not when I try to specifically think about it.


  3. micchan

    “popular filler” is a misleading term.

    And I see you trying to get us to do your work for you (confusing, isn’t?). Crafty, very crafty.

    Challenge accepted! Here’s a super power I’d like to have:

    Alice- benefit – can always find her socks (by scent?) _<


  4. Bonu$

    Ferrah – Benefit – Master of the frisbee game


  5. Bonu$

    Kat – Benefit (for others) – Easily distracted by shiny objects


  6. neutral9999

    Ben – Benefit (not for other people)- unexcapable hugs and wrestling pro


  7. TigraV2.12

    Shifters Benefit
    All – Benefit – Horrid family camping trips are now somewhat tolerable/awesome.


  8. Jae

    Bird shifters – Fear of heights eliminated (or else they’re going to be REALLY struggling in their element.)


  9. Bonu$

    Ben – Benefit – Bottomless pit (stomach)


  10. Voduxe

    If I was that good of an actor, I’d be rich already. I’m talking Bill Gates rich.


  11. MadMann135

    Somehow my dog learned to hack computers… she did not delete my homework but changed the answer data so that my answers were correct.
    Shame she was taken away by the men in black.


  12. Silverwolf

    Other shifter side benefits…
    -You never have to wait for the grill at the barbecue.
    -Howling is way more fun than texting.
    -Heating bills are far lower.


  13. Eboreg

    Arachnid Shifters – Benefit – Expert multitasking.


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