So if you look at the top menu, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a new option, The Shifters Online Store! This is a digital downloads store for things like wallpapers, PDFs, and whatever other downloadable content I can think of putting up. While you have the option to buy these things with cash, you can also earn download rewards, just by spreading your love of Shifters!

For anyone registered on the site, if you log in, you’ll see you have a new option on the right hand side of the screen. It says “Your personal link:” and there will be a link there with a bit of extra on the tail end of the URL. That is your personal referral link. If you copy and pasta that somewhere (like your facebook, tumblr, twitter, on your forums where you frequent, personal website, etc), and people click it, you will earn “coins”, which you can spend like cash in the store. So you can earn free downloads from the store, just by spreading Shifters love around. Currently its 15 referrals for 1 coin to spend in the store. Each page has a unique personal URL, so you can use it to refer people to specific pages you want to share, or the newest page, or just the main page if you want. Its up to you and the situation in which you use it.

The plugin is a beta, it may have some weirdness associated with it. So if you do run into any bugs, please let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions on how to make it better, or things you’d like to see in the store, please let me know too.

If you’d like to see a video of how this is supposed to work, there is one here.

So go ahead and give it a try!

As you can probably see (and why you might have clicked on the donation meter), that we have a bit of a page drive going on as it were.

Some people were complaining there wasn’t enough Shifters. And we agree, but because both Mysti (the colorist) and I have bills and such to pay, we normally have to take paying commissions, work, or do other income generating activities. This leaves us with only enough time currently to make one page a week.

BUT with your help, that could change.

For every $75 USD we recieve in donations, we will add ONE additional page to the scheduled pages for the following month. SO this means that if we get say $150 in donations for September, in October we will put out two extra pages. The reason for this is so that we can plan our time. Often we are booked months in advance for commissions or extra work (I teach classes for example in addition to my full time job, never mind whatever paying commissions or graphic design freelance I have, and after they start I have to plan around them.)

The idea is that because Shifters is providing that income we need to make ends meet, we won’t have to keep burdening ourselves with work that ISN’T Shifters related. You guys get more pages, and we get to keep a roof over our heads. Its win-win.

As the donations trickle in, every time we hit a +1 page milestone the donation meter will tick up. This helps show how many bonus pages will be scheduled for next month. If donations for a month do not reach enough for a page, the money will go into a special side account for Shifters related activities, such as merchandise development/purchasing, advertising, con fees, website hosting, etc. This will help tremendously in getting the word out about Shifters being back, and bring more people to the site, which will hopefully help everything along.

Currently we have our donations set up to be accepted through Paypal. However if you want to donate and do not want to use paypal, drop me a line at shadowsmyst (at) gmail dot com and we can work out some alternate form of payment.

Welcome to the first Shifters podcast! In this episode we do a bit of a question and answer session. Questions were provided to the forums, and we answered them!

We’re still working out our format a bit, sound quality and all that jazz. If you have questions for the next podcast, please post them on the forums or send them to



Shifters Redux is finally begun! In full glorious colour thanks to the wicked skillz of Mad Cheshire. I’m going to keep the blog portion here on the front, unless there is a massive objection (if  you hate it, do leave a comment..), with the update picture to the side. I’d like to update the blog with posts on the Shifters Universe, contests, events, and other things going on like in the RP or in regards to conventions.

Speaking of conventions, I will be at three of them. If you are in and about Vancouver, BC this summer, mark your calendars:

Minicomi – Exibiting as an Artist
July 23rd, 2011
Vancouver, BC @ UBC

Cos & Effect – Artist Alley
August 13-14, 2011
Vancouver, BC @ UBC

V-con 36 – Artist Alley
September 30 – October 2, 2011
Vancouver, BC @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

I’m in the process of putting out a Shifters book, and I’m waiting on printer’s quotes right now that I will be selling at the conventions. I’m also going to be selling buttons, jewelry, art prints & cards, and possibly shirts, depending on cash flow. More information closer to the events, and I’ll be posting pictures to prove I’m serious. I haven’t been the most reliable person, and I know I’ve got a lot of trust to rebuild in my audience. I will be working hard to do that.

The Circle is there to help keep me on track, and they’ve been doing a good job, as shown by the launch. They will continue to help keep me motivated, and I hope that you all will help too by leaving comments and participating in the forums.

Don’t forget, there’s the Costume Contest going on in the forums. Win a Cameo! Contest closes June 30. More details on the Forums. Also, don’t forget to LIKE Shifters on Facebook.

Only THREE more sleeps until new Shifters pages grace the site!

If you didn’t notice, I added a little count down clock on the side of the site so you could salivate over the remaining days before launch. I’m still planning on the 6th, I’ve got many pages of artwork done, but my colorist’s computer has been in the repair shop for about 4 weeks (honestly, I think she’s going a little bibbly about it) and I’m really hoping she gets it back soon, or you guys are getting black and white pages until she can get around to coloring them.

So I promised another contest around launch, and lo, here it is. :3

In the original comic (and in the Redux) Ferrah and Kat are going to a Halloween party at their school. Now of course, in the original they dressed up, and in this one they are going to dress up too. And therein lies the challenge to you, oh gentle reader.

Ferrah & Kat costume contest

Challenge: Draw or write up a concept for a costume for Ferrah or Kat at the Halloween party. The best costume will be used in the comic, and the contributing fan will get a prize!

The Prize: A cameo appearance in the party scene!

The contest will be judged by a panel of judges, including myself, one of our forum mods, the esteemed and twisted Gorble, and circle members Suicidal Lady, jaina and Lupis.

Entries will be judged on the quality of the entry (how clearly the costume is described or drawn), how creative it is, and how well it fits the personality of the character. It also has to be replicated over many pages, so while it has to be distinctive, it has to be easily redrawn over and over (so don’t go too ballistic on the details). Also, recognizable. Preference would be for more general, non specific to other canon entries.  Example: A generic Gangster would be preferable to a specific historical or fictional gangster.
There will be one prize per character, so it is possible for one person to win both slots or for a total of two winners (one for kat, one for ferrah) depending on the entries received.

While costumes may be somewhat risque, remember this is a HIGH SCHOOL dance. There are levels of decency expected. Make sure all bits are covered properly.

Please post your entries to this thread in the forums. You can link to a DA account, or use photobucket if you want to show images. Contest closes June 30th!


Also, there is now a facebook page for Shifters. You can ‘Like’ it here.

Are you all excited yet? XD

Yes, the winners have (or should have) already been notified. If you are listed here and DID NOT recieve email notification, please check your spam folder and make sure you add the messageboard email to your safe list.

The winners were, as per 3 judges, and in no particular order:

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Hello Shifters fans. I think I’ve made you wait long enough with a nebulous idea of when or even if Shifters will return. Its been hard, and its been long, and I’ve even actually bled (and have scars) to make things right so this could continue. And now, I reward your patience. I reveal to you “The Plan”.

First, I’m ready to give you all a solid date when things will resume.

June 6, 2011

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To continue posting some thoughtful material while you are waiting for the release of the new pages, and because its fun to talk about the stuff that inspires the material you so long for, I thought today I might talk a little bit about music and invite you to participate near the end. If you are game, continue to read on.

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Okay, chill, take a few deep breaths. Yes, thats right. Breathe.

Now don’t panic, don’t wet yourself with excitement, I’m just doing a little housekeeping/dusting here, working on the website and such. As to WHY I’m working on the website, well… a few reasons actually.

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