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  1. Penumbra


    Welcome back Shifters~ <3


  2. Mysti

    Man, it is good to see it actually uploaded 😀 -pride-


  3. Talexis

    And hereeee we go~ =]


  4. nikzbitz

    It’s good to see this webcomic back, too many good webcomics have died over the past few years.


  5. reallydemonic

    hey love the fact that this is in color!!! i waited for this for a long time…..woooohoooo


  6. reallydemonic

    oh btw mysti love what u did on the colors


  7. Mysti

    Hey, thanks a lot 😀


  8. shadespike

    Welcome Back!!!!!!


  9. Sterling

    Looking good.
    Looking forward to the enhanced and updated story. 🙂


  10. Ashenwisp

    Sorry…not digging the way the blog is the first thing you see, with the newest page off to the side. Missing the old layout :[


  11. Jack T Robyn

    Congratulations, and welcome back.


  12. neutral9999

    yaaa our hopes have finally come true welcome back


  13. dementia3

    Congrats on the relaunch. can’t wait to see where this goes.


  14. Silverwolf

    Woot! Updated! Awesome!

    Karma: “Shit! She’s tipping my panel with a claw! Get back, you idiots, or we’ll fall off the building!”


  15. JDG

    Patience is thus rewarded, welcome back.


  16. Jack-13

    Congrats on the relaunch, I’m happy to see Shifters back!


  17. ExPaladin

    I like the colours. 🙂


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