Happy Halloween 2012

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  1. neutral9999

    awww…… Halloween wouldn’t be the same without its dark humor


  2. CalvinSashigami

    …Hm,is it odd I think thats kinda cute? oωo


  3. CalvinSashigami

    (by cute i meant the phrase :P)


  4. Drakanor Dream

    I also think it is cute. By cute I mean my sense of normalcy ‘might’ be ‘slightly’ skewed to the Weird side of things 😛


  5. CalvinSashigami

    That expression kinda gives you the chills though…imagine a stare-down with THAT! TT_TT


  6. Bonu$

    FYI Pumpkins that breath fire are the best kind… What? I felt it was relevant.


  7. neutral9999

    i know im being impatient but does anyone know when the next page is coming?


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    We still haven’t heard anything about the ETA on Che’s computer. As far as we know its still out at the factory for repairs.


  8. Neuria

    Thank you for the update! =] ^..^


  9. Brian

    …..you know what I would do if I opened the door to this?
    I’d throw the whole bucket of candy at her yelling ‘DON’T EAT ME!!!’, slam the door shut, lock every bolt, run down stars and lock myself in my tiny safe.


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