Filler: Kinsmir with a Corgi on her head.

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  1. deepbluerenegade

    Many of the poll options sound great. Just because I voted for one doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like all 3 of the most popular options.

    It is so exciting to hear that regular updates are returning.


  2. Jae

    Any combination of the ‘World Info,’ ‘Shifters Benefits,’ and ‘Omake’ options would be great.

    I love wallpaper images, but I feel like that’d just be more work for you, SM.

    And as for the B&W Sidestory, well, I wouldn’t like that because what happens when the comic starts up again? I would be attached by then and wouldn’t want it to cut off.

    You should save Wallpapers and Sidestory ideas for an “Extras” section of the website, or for that art-book / printed graphic novel you were talking about.


  3. neutral9999

    got to say it THATS ADORABLE
    P.S. the idea about an extras section sounds awsome hope they do it


  4. Kordain

    Have to say that it’s good the repair seems to be going well. I’ve dealt with my fair share of computers crapping out on me. I mostly handle my own repairs though. Thanks to the fact my family hoards computer parts I can usually frankenstein replacements till I save for something better. I can’t wait until the main story starts up again.

    P.S. I voted for Alternate black and white comic sidestory, but any updates will be a pleasant change. I’m a big fan of your artwork and any type of illustrations would work for me.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. james hoppy

    HEY G! How goes the whole thing called Life?


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