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  1. neutral9999

    i wish could go but its to far awaaaaaay :\


  2. deathman129

    i have a question are those two Vamp P.I guys going to return and if so are they still going to be comic relief?


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    No, they will not be returning.


  3. Jae

    You’ve already seen my post about T-Shirts, so I’ll skip that.

    For an Artbook, I like books where they have the truly “epic” pictures of the characters, with fully-detailed backgrounds, each in their own scene somewhere. It could be sectioned out for Detailed Art, then Character Sheets, where you do a standard character lineart that’s semi-sketched and/or semi-colored (showing the phases in a way) with the color pallets used. And lastly, you could have a section of the book with old wallpapers and art, redrawn for a “before and after” sense. Also include a collection of author’s notes. i feel like a variety of art styles would make the book more sellable, rather than a smaller book with only the detailed art. Additionally, if you did the “phases of drawing characters” thing on the character sheets, you could use the completed (but not fully shaded) ones on the website as a form of advertisement to the book.

    For a roleplaying book, I’d have to recommend just following a basic 3.5 system. I hate having to learn new systems and 3.5 was the best anyway.

    For a graphic novel, I always enjoy it when they have an extra short story at the end (rather than a 5-panel Omake comic). If you made that short story continuous between the volumes, that would also be an incentive for people to continue buying your books. Additionally, I like the character profiles with a bit of a backstory about them, as well as their age/height/birthday/etc. If you put up a Characters page on the website, you’d only include the name and age, probably, but the GN would have it all.


  4. Seraphina

    For the t-shirts, I prefer dark colored shirts with catchy phrases and good artwork. As far as the role playing books, I really enjoy Pathfinder, which is basically 3.75. You guys are off to an awesome start with this one. Have fun at the con and can’t wait to see what happens next


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