Con Crunch Time Filler

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  1. Jae

    Is that John? :O

    Love it!


  2. Bonu$

    Back to the front!
    The TWC vote tallies have reset again. I know Che and Myst are busy with Con prep but lets get back to the front page for them 🙂
    For those who don’t know TopWebComics (TWC) is a site where thousands of web-comics are registered so that readers can vote for their favorites. This helps people find awesome web-comics and helps artists/authors gain readership.
    I’m not a moderator or anything like that I just really like this comic and want to help spread the awesome.
    I hope you feel the same and will take the time to vote. 😀


    Jae Reply:

    I’ve been trying to vote everyday, but I think we need a bigger button with a preview of an Incentive to get everyone else voting too. Shifters:Redux deserves to be on the first page of the TWC


    Bonu$ Reply:

    Amen to that, I think the votes will pick up when once updates are back to normal after this con break


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