Chapter 4 Pg 5

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  1. Eboreg

    I’m terribly sorry Ferrah but… things have changed 😀


    Silverwolf Reply:

    Boy, have they changed. In the future, a Rolex is just a strip of graphene.


  2. Animefan

    Is rejection like an inconvenience or more a, “Holy crap if my body can’t integrate stuff I’m not going to be able to get a job.” thing?


  3. geistman

    I’m mostly surprised Alice even managed to find such a small item in all that rubble from Ferrah’s spirit wake


    Animefan Reply:

    She probably could scent the watch. Since it’s literally stuck to her until the change.


  4. Fafhred

    Sounds like she does not remember anything 😉


  5. Silverwolf

    Alice: “You see, you need to do the rite of talisman dedication for things like this. It’s right here in the corebook.”
    Ferrah: “What are you talking about?”
    Alice: “Well, we need some ten-sided dice…”


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