Chapter 4 Pg 3

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  1. Animefan



  2. Eboreg

    Oh yeah, forgot about the cybernetic watch

    …and that shifters can only get implanted with silver.


  3. F0xGl0ve

    Sorry Ferrah, I think your watch went the same way as Alice’s mood implants.


  4. a non a mouse

    looks like someones awake.


  5. Fafhred


    Just found this webcomic again yesterday; I used to read up until the extended hiatus started in 2012, then wrote it off at some point.
    Glad to see the story resumed, even though it is posted on a ‘now and then’ basis; I do follow a few other webcomics which are in a similar case.


  6. Silverwolf

    “I have HANDS! Oh God, I have HANDS!”


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