Chapter 3 Pg 45

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  1. F0xGl0ve

    *Freaks out, jumping around in circles, before swiftly running face first into a wall*


  2. Sandman366

    That goes from, what, like six updates in two years to two in a month? Awesome.

    Also, now I must know everything about whatever that effect is. Because it looks like either normal people or the other group were out of phase or something like that, or she made a pocket dimension just for them to brawl in. (And if that’s the case, the wall collapse….did that happen for regular people?)
    So much question! So confuse!

    Except for, of course, her ability to do that. That’s not confusing – that’s awesome.


  3. Weylyn_Ausiroth

    Yay, another update. Keep up the good work!


  4. Silverwolf

    “Say, do you feel like time just stopped, like some magical influence has affected the fabric of the universe?”

    “Yeah, must be Tuesday.”


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