Chapter 3 Pg 31

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  1. Ben

    everyone is going to be feeling this tomorrow


  2. Drakanor Dream

    So definitely feel that XD


  3. Drakanor Dream

    also congratz Che.


  4. ShifterGirl

    Congrats To Che! She deserves it.


  5. deepbluerenegade

    Ben looks to have not had enough muscle, or maybe not nearly enough mass.


  6. Che

    YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE ;W; I love you guys


  7. neutral9999

    congrats Che and also he got punted like a football, THE Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears, Bears.


  8. Silverwolf

    Football Announcer 1: “IT’S GOOD…wait. what do the rules say about kicking the PLAYER between the uprights?”
    Football Announcer 2: “I dunno Fred, the refs are scratching their heads over this one.”
    Football Announcer 1: “Well I’ll tell you, Bob, this does not look good for the Bears.”


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