Chapter 3 Pg 26

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  1. jack66six

    I love Karma’s way of getting Ferrah’s attention.


  2. Silverwolf

    Is it just me or is the scale off in the first panel? I mean earlier on, one of Ferrah’s paws was roughly large enough to bodily crush a vampire whole…

    Karma: “meep meep!”
    X: “Wait…why is the pissed-off wolf opening a large wooden crate labeled ‘ACME?'”


    Jae Reply:

    I think she just crushed his head on that page:

    But you’re right, she does seem a bit smaller in that view. I think it might just be the angles playing tricks on our eyes, though.


    Che Reply:

    She should actually be a bit bigger, now that I look at things


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    Fortunately it can be adjusted. Hooray for layers.

  3. neutral9999

    is it just me or does anyone else here secretly want them to get caught and possible eatin


    Drakanor Dream Reply:

    not just you πŸ˜› Although I think that they might want to rethink that plan due to Ferrah’s ability to keep her eyes on them even though they are moving so fast.


  4. Bonu$

    Oh look! Chew toys! πŸ˜€


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