Chapter 3 Pg 19

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  1. Jon

    uh oh the shit just hit the fan


    dalewarrior Reply:

    no i belive that was 2 – 3 pages ago i belive the shitstorm has just begun


  2. Naquadrea

    Just wanted to say I love your comics, and am still waiting for an update to Brymstone. Keep the comic coming. I hope to one day see you do a kickstarter to get the books out. Once again this is one of the comics I am constently on the edge of my seat coming back every other day looking for a new update. You and your staff rock!


  3. deepbluerenegade

    Nice way of bringing the conversation from the other page over.


  4. Eidolon

    … The phrase has always been jokingly used, but in this case your Karma really DID get run over by your Dogma!


    Eidolon Reply:

    … Wait, crap. Other way around. … I plead haven’thadcoffeeyet.


  5. Artificer-Urza

    “Frikked”? =P How tame.


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    Need to see the word “fucked’? instead? I was trying to get some flavor in the language, using something else instead of blatant swearing. Like.. Frak in Battlestar Galactica or Frell in Farscape. I guess I fail at it.


    skip00319 Reply:

    You could always use “Fudge” Fudge Nuts” or “Nut Bunnies” some of my personal favorite swear word replacements. (Hands out towels because im sure some had just shot milk out of their nose.)


    Artificer-Urza Reply:

    I don’t need to see it. In fact I think the word has lost all potency. I was kidding, joking and or being silly. Frikked is fine, if only because it caught my attention.


    Silverwolf Reply:

    What if there’s a culinary slant? “Forked!”

  6. Silverwolf

    X: “Screw the Duchess!”
    Karma: “How do you think I ended up leading this mission?”
    X: “That’s…wait, is that even possible, considering we’re undead and all? Ugh, never mind that, that thing has an orbital cannon for a spirit wake!”
    Ben: *thumbing a text message into his iPhone* “Not yet she doesn’t…”
    Phone: “Roger, Sominus, received message for orbit-to-surface firing solution, firing for effect. Shot.”


    kthor Reply:

    Well, they’re not undead. But otherwise pretty funny there.


  7. neutral9999

    but isn’t blatant swearing more, u know, realistic? ………….. << ps. finally got avatar <<


  8. GimiGlider

    *throws shit into the fan like in the airplane movie*


  9. Josh.C

    Orbital cannon for a spirit wake?

    I take it a spirit wake is a good way to judge how powerful or dangerous a were will be when they transform?

    Well sounds like ones just about down. Though how much will be left of the body after Ferrah is done is still up to debate.


    m4davis Reply:

    I’am guessing at minimum he will be torn in half at maximum all that will be left are a few smears of blood


  10. neutral9999

    OMG U CHANGED IT TO AN UNCENSORED VERSION!!! :O Thank You, the FCC can go to hell


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