Chapter 2 Pg 30

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  1. Mysti

    Can I just say that I enjoyed coloring the blood far too much?


    deepbluerenegade Reply:

    It is very thick blood.


    Gadora Reply:

    Thicker than water, at any rate.


  2. Derrath

    …some reason, I imagined the “ethnic kiss” studio audience reaction at the bite……am I strange, strange little person?


  3. Jon

    how could i forget this scene but oh boy after she gets bit the shit’s gonna hit the fan and there’s gonna be vampire pieces all over the place


    dalewarrior Reply:

    Bets on how manyy vamps are gonna hit the fan too?


    barrage7667 Reply:

    I dunno how many but I’m hoping that the bitchy vamp gets torn to shreds first.


    Mysti Reply:

    Aw c’mon man. X is awesomeeeeee

  4. Sterling

    Heh… indeed.
    Here. Mood music.


    Blackwell Reply:

    Funny, I keep hearing this song during this part of the comic.


  5. omegamd

    Woot! I can’t wait for the next few pages…and on a side note, I was pretty jealous her got to do some groping. But then again, he is going to…well…die soon anyway lol.


  6. Talexis

    It’s funny because karma. :p


  7. bwkittykat57

    Oh god, I can hardly wait……


  8. Silverwolf

    Alice: “You monster! She’s going to turn into a stuttering, pausing, bland emo character…that sparkles!”


    Jae Reply:

    Bwahahahaha! You win.


  9. Xero

    …you know i just realized the last time this happened i was in college and had just discovered webcomics that was so long ago the only webcomic group was Keenspot/space


  10. ME



  11. FlashXX

    o0…:angry:…*&^*^( &6^ JERK! She WAS ‘FOLDING’…”FOLDING”, couldn’t wait two *&^9 minutes?!


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