Chapter 2 Pg 25

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  1. Mysti

    Oh man Ferrah, I love you so much xD


  2. Derrath

    I can’t believe I haven’t found this before just recently!
    I agree with Mysti, Ferrah is so bad-ass I’m ashamed of my own level of masculinity, and yet she’s still got the body (and b00bs) I love!! <3


    deathman129 Reply:

    you might want to look at the original as well than


  3. Talexis

    Strong willed or hard-headed? Probably doesn’t make much of a difference right now, with the whole vampire ability in effect.
    So close to the inciting incident of the main character! So excited!


  4. Sabreur

    “Vampires… still suck…” Even given the seriousness of the situation, that cracked me up.


  5. Eidolon

    This is where the vampires’ ability to tap into ALL of their abilities without looking like a circus sideshow really do come in handy.


  6. Neuria

    Bonus updates rock!!!


  7. Silverwolf

    Is it just me or is there a subtle eye twitch on X’s face in reaction to Ferrah?


  8. neutral9999

    that guys nose in the last panel looks like someone is pressing glass against it, lol


    Silverwolf Reply:

    That, with the ears, and the fangs…he’s part Na’vi!


  9. Veluxia

    *squee* I’ve never read this comic before and just happened to stumble upon it… and thank you I am now hooked! Look forward to more of the story!
    To everyone who’s read this before “shhhhh… don’t ruin the plot for me” 😉


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    I’m glad you managed to find us! Hope you continue to comment and and enjoy the coming pages. Things are really going to heat up here. XD


  10. ExPaladin

    “Vampires… still suck.”

    Okay, that was funny. 😀


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