Chapter 2 Pg 22

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  1. Silverwolf

    Ferrah: “You. Come here.”
    *moments later*
    Karma: “Someone get me to a hospital…I just got bitten by a human!”
    X: “Um…wow, I think we just broke the irony scale.”

    Karma: “So…you like vampires?”
    Ferrah: “Nah, they suck.”


  2. AL_Tech

    Great start! love the story so far…Were-Bears are great!


  3. Penumbra

    Oh Ferrah. You’re such a dork.


  4. deathman129

    Swing and a miss… she still got close enough though


  5. Sasha Nekosune

    Man. i hope this updates soon. I really like where this is going. :3


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