Chapter 2 Pg 21

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  1. Silverwolf

    Yeah…uh…okay Shadowsmyst…I got nothing here without it crossing the line between jibe and insult…so…yeah. Let me give you the frank diagnosis.

    You’ve got awesome artwork. and the restart with the new startup setting really fits the whole thing about the arcologies. My comments earlier about the fusion reactors might help about the nationwide infrastructure, and if you need medical advice I’ve got training. I’m one test away from my MD. (And thus far…I can only throw you data for what you want to put out for SciFi…)

    You’re doing great. Hell you were doing awesome in the first iteration, so at least you have the experience for art and story construction going for you. Danu bless, and kick ass.

    –Silverwolf from Crossroads


  2. Eidolon

    “You may of course speculate as to why Ferrah is gasping.”

    Two cute guys approached her in the SAME DAY! No way!


  3. Talexis

    Getting near the top of this awesome roller coaster. Be prepared for a forecast of snowballing, with a side of chaos~ 🙂


    Silverwolf Reply:

    Or as Ross Scott would say…”Crazy in a box with a side order of fries.”


  4. neutral9999

    it would be funny if she didnt even hear him or see him and was just looking at you know who again, while he is standing directly behide the trickster, basically crushing his plan


  5. MuryoKarasu

    He’s my fav character =w=


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    Who? Karma?


    neutral9999 Reply:

    i mean if ben was standing behide karma


    MuryoKarasu Reply:

    Yeah him, I think he’s really cool :’D


  6. Dalewarrior

    am i the only one that thinks that even for a costume party karma is flashing the fangs a bit to blatantly?


  7. lycaon

    How come Karma doesn’t have his eyebrow piercing anymore? He had one in the previous chapter…


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