Chapter 2 Pg 15

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  1. Mysti

    I’ll be just as reclusive as you haha. Getting all my commissions and the rest of the comic colored


  2. Silverwolf

    Ben: “Now, what are Vamps doing in Shifter territory?”
    Vamp: “Okay, I admit it, we’re promoting Stephanie Meyer!”
    Ben: “That…is evil beyond words. Okay, you want to sparkle? Let me get the kerosene.”


  3. Neuria

    Thank you for continuing the Shifters comic. I enjoy reading it, love the new style, and look forward to the updates every week!


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    I’m glad you came back to read it!


  4. julien1996

    nice comic till now keep it going. =)


  5. neutral9999

    i just like colored comics better but so long as it doesn’t interfere with it being released cause i know this other werewolf comic were the maker is just doesn’t go according to his supposed sequel and sometimes releases pages months apart 🙁 and thats why like this one better


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