Chapter 2 Pg 13

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  1. Jae

    Wait, he’s being punched in the last panel? I can’t really tell what’s going on, or even which way his face is supposed to be going. I assumed the Butterfly was just mindfucking him in some weird way.


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    Yes, he is being punched in the last panel, and in all fairness his face is pretty broken now. I agree its not as clear as I’d like, but I didn’t have time to go back and fix it. If you could see the next page it would also be more clear he just got tooled.


  2. perfecthell4

    I gotta agree that its a bit unclear at first. I had to doubletake before realizing what was happening there. But that butterfly god…… much win!


  3. Silverwolf

    Well…that’s an interesting tactic…throw a faerie/butterfly spirit at the target, flank, and come up with a sho-ryu-ken.


  4. neutral9999

    so basically while his butterfly was distracting him with a borner inducing spell, he transformed and knocked the vampire out for the count


  5. Penumbra

    Butterfly is so colorful and pretty. God, I sound like a little girl, but she does.


    Penumbra Reply:

    Err, is. /grammar


  6. Jack T Robyn

    Why would a butterfly need tits that bi-*PUNCHED*


  7. Warstar ReBirth

    In Soviet Russia you dont hunt Bear, Bear hunts you!


  8. james hoppy

    WHoa…what F**Ked him sideways on toast?


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