Chapter 2 Pg 12

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  1. deepbluerenegade

    I wonder what dreadful punishment the butterfly is going to dole out.


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    Don’t underestimate the butterfly!


  2. Silverwolf

    Void: “Yeah, yeah, keep your panties on, I got this covered…”
    Karma: “HOW’D YOU KNOW I WAS WEARING…I mean…yeah, you better.”
    Void: “Wait, what?”
    X: “Seriously, don’t ask, you’ll live longer.”


  3. ChaoticBlues

    Well Now that’s just cool.


  4. James hoppy

    Well that better be one powerful spirit because it looks like it can’t do much, but put him to sleep.


  5. neutral9999

    im not so sure sleep magic would on a vampire, especially at night


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