Chapter 1 Pg 28

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  1. Silverwolf

    Ferrah: “Honestly, this is no worse than when I got that subwoofer installed in my left armpit! You should hear Daft Punk come out of this thing.”


  2. Jack T Robyn

    Cyberwolfvampireghostmutant, “Kismir” is not gonna cover it.


  3. reallydemonic

    ha ha ha cyberphobe lol and here i thought it was a crazy ass gigged out watch lol


  4. neutral9999

    hay what thought up there with the cybernetic watchlike device implant was genius. i believe this cause in the future there are bound to be some people who think technology is cursed or made with spy device created by a government conspiracy


    Silverwolf Reply:

    If Microsoft still exists in this future, then you’re right. It’s not a government conspiracy, merely a corporate one.


    BekaKitty87 Reply:

    Lol! Neutral, there have been people like that since the 1950s.


  5. Darkbloodwolf



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