Chapter 1 Pg 24

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  1. Mysti

    Lol ‘sure he was’ EVER SO BELIEVING, HM KAT?


  2. Johnny Whoa

    Is the boy in the room with you now, Ferrah? The one only you can see?

    Does he tell you to do things? I’d like to try speaking with the boy, Ferrah.


  3. Talexis

    Still loving Kat’s outfit. Raver-ish styled outfits as normal everyday clothing….We’ll get around to that sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.


  4. Silverwolf

    Ferrah: “But he was here! He said If I need help I should ‘take the hand…’ oh and look, the hand is right there!”
    Kat: “Wha…HE CUT OFF HIS HAND?!”
    Ferrah: “Okay, now it’s gone from sexy to scary.”


  5. reallydemonic

    HA HA HA it keeps gettin better and better, i wonder if i was right


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