Chapter 1 Pg 23

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  1. Jae

    Huh… Ferrah’s chest looks kinds weird in the last panel. Her head is too small…. (Maybe it’s because of where her hair blocks her neck..?) I dunno…


  2. SarahN

    It’s really cool seeing this updating again, it looks great!^^ And mysterious dude goes POOF!


  3. Mysti

    I JUST KNEW that he was going to do something along the lines of LOOK, A DISTRACTION! XD


    Vampirherr Reply:

    lol ya he just seems like that kind of guy


    Mysti Reply:

    Well, you have to remember that I colored this and was starring at it for hours XD so with him pointing i was all hmmmm what’s he gonna say?


  4. Talexis

    Wondering if Ferrah notices Alice isn’t wearing any shoes =p


    Talexis Reply:

    Ohwait, they never came off, my mistake xD Well, wondering if Ferrah notices the broken-ness then, heh


  5. Silverwolf

    Weird guy: “Hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?”
    Kat: *huff huff* “Uh, I wasn’t running from vampires in the form of a catgirl!”
    Ferrah: “Wait, what?”
    Kat: “I mean, um…sorry I’m late.”
    Director: “CUT!!!”


  6. reallydemonic

    Once again, love this im still tryin to figure out who he is but i gotta guess, this is Coyote’s human form lol *CROSSES FINGERS AND TOES


  7. neutral9999

    hmmm….. the breasts are honkingly clear im talking about the last panel and a comment on the previous page for those of you who dont know what im talking about


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