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  1. Psycho Cat Boy

    I have a small question. Is the comic dead? Because i don’t want it to be….


  2. ScroogeMcDuck

    Keep up the work mate, this comic kicks ass! 🙂


  3. Foryx

    The comic is not dead, PCB, which you would know if you had read the context for the page. She is working on it as an actual book, though she will later post it on the internet. She is currently just updating pages from the old.

    And if this was rude, SM, I apologize.


  4. Psycho Cat Boy

    oh, now i get it. i havent looked at this in a while and wen i finaly see it again, its the same page. thank you for clearing that up for me Foryx


  5. Celtcath

    Hey, Take all the time that you feel you need. This is your story, so tell it in your own way.


  6. JacqueCat

    Your comic has a Shadowrun/WOD feel to it. I like. Hope to see more comics soon.


  7. Fenyx

    oh my god i cant believe i have been waiting 2 years to read the next one!


  8. Wolfhardt

    Fenyx, you are not alone ^^

    I’ve read the original Shifters comic and loved it

    I’ve read the beginning of Shifters Redux and loved it even more.

    I love this comic so much that I’m still here after two years of hiatus, checking once a week, hoping there will be the next new page. And I will do so until I get that page or Shadowmyst says: Wait no more it’s over!

    See you around^^


  9. SykotikJackal

    On a lark I checked here rather than the old LJ community first, glad to see you still kicking SM (I always have to wonder when someone just kinda disappears) Still looking forward to your return and hoping no one here tries to put wheels on a fish with their impatience.


  10. Freezer

    hehe, so I’m not the only who’s been sticking for however many months and years it’s been (no idea, tbh, I just check at least bimonthly)


  11. ToddDiesel

    I, like many others, have waited (and will continue to wait) patiently until some form of life is seen. Read the old comix (and waited occasionally for those new pages to come out) way back when… and then the Redux came out.. and will wait for those too. People from back in the day will wait respectfully (or in rare cases, not at all) for new content. If you feel that the wait is too long… go occupy urself with something else rather than trolling for no reason. Im sure the artist (and the rest of us) would appreciate it.


  12. eric

    lookin forward to the continue of this comic, nicely done


  13. reallydemonic

    hey how r u guys, i love this fucking comic alot. Its funny, gore-gous, has something for everyone. A sci fi/ fantasy and the last issue had the introduction of the circle. I just love it. I just started reading it this week, and i dont blame u guys, im addicted to Shifters. Shadowmyst’s artstyle improved alot, i love the effects. It makes me want to become a Kinsmir lol


  14. Cheuk

    Oh wow, new website design! I’ve been waiting for something to show that Shifters isn’t dead dead 🙂
    Well, I do have to say that I only check this place once every blue moon or so now, but at least it’s not for naught.


  15. neutral9999

    why is it that ever posting i find say stuff is older then it really is? it seems strange to me like how its says all the posting of shifters on the site says its from 2007 when its from 2010?


    ShadowsMyst Reply:

    Actually it is from 2007. In changing the site over to wordpress and comic press to drive the comic archives and such, I had to re-add the old comics into the system. As a result the database and wordpress think the comics are newer than they actually are. The dates on the comics themselves are correct.


  16. neutral9999

    hay thanks shadowmyst i didnt know what was going on cause im new to read the manga


  17. neutral9999



  18. neutral9999

    does anyone know what is happening? I come here every 2 or 3 weeks to see if there are new posts but there hasn’t been any in a while and i have the amount of patience of fish waiting 4 the annoying guy poking the glass to go away 🙁


  19. jaina

    Hate to say but I’d agree neutral, I come and check in too, I know that Sm is alive though cause she posted the fan art i sent in, but I still wait for activity from the comic


  20. neutral9999

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! to a person who reads this just keep up your patience, after all good things will come 🙂


  21. neutral9999

    so close and yet so far away still cant wait til its finally back


  22. Silverwolf

    “Hi, I’m Billy Mays clone #24, here to tell you about OxyClean, with the power of Oxygen! Guaranteed to get face juice out of your new hoodie!”


  23. Darkbloodwolf

    wow…so many comments…o.o


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