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IT’S HERE. IT’S UPDATED AND ITS ON FLIPPIN’ TIME! Shifters Redux is finally begun! In full glorious colour thanks to the wicked skillz of Mad Cheshire. I’m going to keep the blog portion here on the front, unless there is a massive objection (if  you hate it, do leave a comment..), with the update picture […]

Only THREE more sleeps until new Shifters pages grace the site! If you didn’t notice, I added a little count down clock on the side of the site so you could salivate over the remaining days before launch. I’m still planning on the 6th, I’ve got many pages of artwork done, but my colorist’s computer […]

Yes, the winners have (or should have) already been notified. If you are listed here and DID NOT recieve email notification, please check your spam folder and make sure you add the messageboard email to your safe list. The winners were, as per 3 judges, and in no particular order: Share this on: Tweet Facebook […]

Okay, chill, take a few deep breaths. Yes, thats right. Breathe. Now don’t panic, don’t wet yourself with excitement, I’m just doing a little housekeeping/dusting here, working on the website and such. As to WHY I’m working on the website, well… a few reasons actually. Share this on: Tweet Facebook LinkedIn Tumblr Stumble Digg Delicious