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So if you look at the top menu, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a new option, The Shifters Online Store! This is a digital downloads store for things like wallpapers, PDFs, and whatever other downloadable content I can think of putting up. While you have the option to buy these things with cash, you can […]

As you can probably see (and why you might have clicked on the donation meter), that we have a bit of a page drive going on as it were. Some people were complaining there wasn’t enough Shifters. And we agree, but because both Mysti (the colorist) and I have bills and such to pay, we […]

Hello Shifters fans. I think I’ve made you wait long enough with a nebulous idea of when or even if Shifters will return. Its been hard, and its been long, and I’ve even actually bled (and have scars) to make things right so this could continue. And now, I reward your patience. I reveal to […]

To continue posting some thoughtful material while you are waiting for the release of the new pages, and because its fun to talk about the stuff that inspires the material you so long for, I thought today I might talk a little bit about music and invite you to participate near the end. If you […]