Chapter 3 Pg 30

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  1. neutral9999

    Nice new page Myst that eye is badass


  2. artguy

    its still the 5th were im at


  3. Talexis

    Crunch. Good thing shifters heal faster than your average human :p


  4. dalewarrior

    as someone who suffered form migranes in the past im surprised you got anything done at all

    cudos to you


  5. little_me

    My little eye sees some fun toys running….


  6. anonymus

    Hi, thanks for the new chapter


    anonymus Reply:

    new page,… sry was caught in thoughts


  7. Jae

    Welcome back, guys! And go Ben! Don’t think he’s big enough to keep her from chasing the vamps, though. Didn’t they go over the fact that she’ll chase anything that moves? :3

    And as for migraines… bleeeagh. I have to take meds to prevent chronic migraines, but once in a while I get a breakthrough ones to remind me what its like. I wouldn’t have been able to even sit in a desk chair, let alone look at the computer screen and work on a comic page. You’ve proven your devotion to us. <3


  8. ShifterGirl

    Love the new page, and thank you for the Happy Birthday. It was fun and this page was well worth the wait. Keep at it guys but don’t push yourselves. 🙂


  9. Silverwolf

    Minutes later, Ferrah became a bear-wolf.

    Wolf: “Hey, I had her first!”
    Bear: “Well…this is awkward.”


  10. Drakanor Dream

    Yea I get those a lot myself … Learned to almost work through them. My Customers still immediately know when I have one though. Probably has to do with my demeanour going from ‘Daisy on Prozac’ to ‘Bear you woke up when it was hibernating’


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